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Top Credit Card Promotions and Offers For 2018 Online

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What are the Best Cards to Use When Shopping at Costco

If you regularly shop at Costco, you should carry a credit card to pay for your groceries. This enables you to earn cash back on your shopping at Costco every time. Carrying a credit card also allows you to learn about financial discipline…


Which Credit Card Companies Offer Cards in the U.S. and Germany

Barclay card and American Express are the two companies that offer credit cards in USA and Germany. Barclay bank in USA issues a lot of different credit cards with attractive signup bonus and rewards points program. The most popular card is the Barclays…


If You Lose Your Credit Card From Chase What Do You Need To Do

It can be a distressful experience to lose your credit card. When you lose your credit card, you must remember to calm down and quickly take the necessary steps. Taking fast action can prevent you from getting hit with a financial problem that…


Locking in an 18 Month Balance Transfer Until 2019, Which Card Offers This Deal

Most people will take over 1 year to pay off their credit card debt. For this reason, it is best to apply for a card that has at least 18 months balance transfer offer. The interest will only be charged to your balance…


Consumers Love AMEX Here Are 5 Great Cards To Consider

American Express offers a number of credit cards that offer great signup bonuses. These signup bonuses allow you to receive a statement credit after you have spent a specified amount on the card. The following are the five rewards Amex credit cards that…


7 Tips For Maximizing Cash Back Credit Cards in 2018

Most consumers love cash back credit cards. These reward credit cards, if used correctly can help you accumulate hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars in cash every year. We identified seven easy ways to use a cash back credit card this year to…


How Often Can You Use Your Cash Back Bonus with Discover

You can receive cash back rewards every time you use your Discover it Cash Credit Card to make a purchase. You can earn cash back no matter if you use the card to pay for online purchases or shop at the local stores.…


Which Credit Card Company Won the Most Consumer Awards Last Year

Which Credit Card Company Won the Most Consumer Awards Last Year American Express gets the highest score in terms of customer satisfaction in 2017 according to J.D. Power annual study. Amex receives a score of 835 followed by Discover with a score of…


Top 5 Travel Credit Cards 2018

Travel credit cards help you to earn miles that can be exchanged for future trips, free hotel upgrades and amazing perks. If you frequently travel, you should get a travel credit card as it can help you to save some money in your…


How Many Rewards Credit Cards Offer More Than Two Percent on All Purchases

A rewards credit card with more than 2% of cash back, may allow you to earn cash back when you follow their rotating categories schedule. Some cards also allow you to earn cash back outside of the rotating bonus categories. Spending up to…